Thursday, March 7, 2013

Bull Lake and My Camera's End

I've been wanting to write up our Bull Lake story since we went to Wyoming last July, but my motivation has waned and by now everyone else who was with me has written their version and published their photos, so I think I'm going to focus on writing another long over due story about my first solo overnighter (sometime soon hopefully...) and provide some links.  I think Chris summed it up best when he said, "Cali is def better, but for adventure nothing beats Wyoming."  This North Fork Bull Lake trip was definitely one of the best adventures I've been involved in even if the whitewater didn't pan out as hoped.  The thing is, sitting in the comfort of my home, I'm still drawn to return to the adventure and magnitude of Bull Lake Creek, although next time I think it'll be via the South Fork.

JJ reveling in the view of Gannet Peak before dropping off the pass into the Milky Lakes - Photo Jordy Searle

I was also hoping to shoot some video on the trip, but discovered my old already severely abused Panasonic camcorder finally gave up the ghost upon reaching the put in and refused to record.  I was so pissed I'd carried the extra weight all those miles that I nearly threw it in the water before I calmed myself and remembered how untouched my locale was.  So, since the camera was dead, when I got home I finally editted up several years of video shot on the camera which I had been too lazy to do anything with.  The footage is a compilation from several Cali trips as well as a previous Wyoming trip and a couple of Black Canyon trips.  Music is "The Divide" by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals.