Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Tour Begins!

The Next Horizon Line world tour has begun!  Jim and I are off work until December and are planning on traveling in Western US and Canada for the next 4 months until heading to Peru and Nepal in the fall.  To start the tour Jim and I headed out the California late on May 1st after I got off my last day of work for a good while; we headed to south and headed directly to dinkey creek for two amazing days.  For the past week we have been trying to boat as much as we can around three rivers, we got on the upper east fork, upper middle fork, moro creek down and lots of hospital rock laps.  The highlight so far has been the upper middle fork, it has amazing whitewater in an incredibly beautiful and committing 3 mile long gorge. Enjoy the pics and keep checking back for more updates throughout our travels.  Thanks to Dagger for supporting us on this project.

Jordy on a great double drop middle kaweah

Rolf Kelly coming through Chucks Drop on the Middle Kaweah

Rolf going zero to sixty

Darin Mcquoid on the upper middle fork

Darin on another fantastic drop on the upper middle fork

Jordy with moro rock in the background

Jared on a great 20 footer

Me on the same drop

Bears in Sequoia

Darin on Chucks slide

Me dropping into Rusty's rampage on the upper middle fork

Rolf on the middle fork

Trying to get out of the eddy below rusty's rampage upper middle kaweah