Monday, April 12, 2010

Knoxville Low Water Staples

Every year as the water of the spring time starts to run dry, we find ourselves returning to our staples in the sunshine and warm weather. Around Knoxville, we have three rivers which tend to hold water a little better than the rest: the Big South Fork of the Cumberland, the Little River, and the Tellico River. Fortunately for us, all happen to be beautiful and hold some satisfying whitewater, while being within close distance from town. Enough with the writing, here are some photos that should explain it better than I could ever hope to...

Karl Whipp from high up above. Photo JJ

Tom Rannells dwarfed by BSF canyon cliffs. Photo JJ

BSF Scale. Photo JJ

Smokin' Steve starting the day off right on the Little. Photo JJ.

Steve aka Charley groovin into silver diner. Photo JJ

Karl Whipp cleaning up eddy out. Photo JJ.

Tunnel in its pre-log state. Now much sketchier due to new wood. Photo JJ

The defining stroke of the Tellico. Photo JJ

Or plug if you prefer, like Jonathon Markham. Photo JJ

Smokin' Steve through the trees. Photo JJ

Springtime in the gorge below Bounce Off Boulder. Photo JJ

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