Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Quebec Day 8 - Adirondack Classics on the Way Home

From the Rouge, we made a quick drive south into the northern Adirondacks, poaching a nights sleep near the Racquette shuttle road on some county forest land. The plan for the day was to hit the Racquette release early before heading down for a low water scrape down the Moose, which was running due to a power plant problem. I'll spare the details as these runs are well known but suffice it to say it was good to be back at the old stomping grounds. These runs are still great fun and the Racquette still makes me nervous in a few spots. One thing to note is that the entrance to Colton has changed and the runout of the boof was a little faster than I remember. We all had a great day in the Adirondack sunshine with all the Southerners getting to see two of the New York classics for the first time. From the Moose it was only a short 15 hour drive back to Knoxville and the daily grind.

Overall it was great trip. Water levels worked out pretty well and we were able to get a lot done. The runs we did were mostly top notch and the only complaint was the terrible bugs. I think the only thing we missed out on was the Malbaie, which was too high almost the whole time we were there.

The Fellas after a Nice Wake Up Call at Colton Falls (Photo: Jeff Moore).

JJ Flying Down the Right to Left Line at Fowlersville Falls (Photo: JM).

Tony Enjoying My Favorite Spot on the Moose River (Photo: JM).

JJ Routing Down the Only Low Water Line at Shurform (Photo: JM).

Stomping at My Old Stomping Grounds (Photo: JM).

AZ can Stomp Some Crystal as Well (Photo: JM).

Since We're Dorks, We Took a Team Photo. Notice the Contrast Between Bare Back and Drysuit (Photo: JM).

Big Thanks to Jeff Moore and Alex Zendel for all their photos. I reduced image size for faster loading, so if you're interested in additional and full res photos, check out

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