Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Durango Days

Once the small California snowpack finally ran out, we headed back to Durango so Tom could work a few shifts and I could sample a little bit of his home town boating.  We were able to get on most of the classics: Upper Animas, Pandora's Box, 2nd Gorge of Lime, Vallecito, and even a little time at the Durango playpark.  See below for a little video of Pandora's and some eye candy from Lime Creek.

Skirt implosions in slot canyons generally aren't good.

TJ Spotting his landing and exit to the second gorge of Lime Creek.  Photo: JJ


  1. so, how did the boater catch up with the boat?

    1. The swimmer hiked back to the put in and we towed the boat out through the run out.